What About…?

If we randomly ask any non-believer (or even some believers) what is Christianity all about, below are a few common answers you might get:

1. Christianity is about obeying the 10 Commandments.
If we really want to talk about obeying God’s “commandments”, there are more than 10 commandments to obey. Just read Numbers and Leviticus. Tell me if you are not blown away by the sheer number of rules and regulations.

2. Christianity is about going to Heaven.
Of course everyone wants to go up there (I think!), but it is the result of believing in Christ rather than the goal itself.

3. Christianity is about reading the Bible, attending church and water baptism.
Well, we do of those because we want to, not because we need to.

4. Christianity is about following the moral teachings of Jesus.
Of course Jesus wants us to lead a moral life and His teachings should be our guide in life, but again, that is not the goal of believers in itself, but the fruit of our salvation in Him.

5. Christianity is about confessing your sins.
Confess means “in agreement” and if it means we are in agreement with God’s Words that we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, then that we confess.

6. Christianity is about faith.
Sounds about right… but usually they mean blind faith, the kind that flies in the face of reality. But Christianity is grounded in history. If things did not happen the way it is recorded in the Bible, then our faith is a futile one.

7. Christianity is about anti-gay, anti-abortion and anti many many other things…
No. We are for Christ, and by implication, we are against those things that He is against. Wouldn’t it be weird if we say we are His followers but yet accept those things He disapprove of?


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