Tough Choices

I am no politician and I certainly do not envy their job.

A good example is the current situation in Thailand. Now, if you are the Thai PM, what would you do?

Send in the troops and crush the red-shirts (which they already did at the time of writing) but risk backlash from international community, especially those human-rights activists?


Adopt a policy of appeasement. Hold talks with them and hope they listen to reasons, all the while having your country’s economy being crippled and image being tarnished?

Perhaps the following stories in history might help you in your choice… 

1. Neville Chamberlain  gave in time after time to the demands of Hitler, in the hope of appeasing the Nazi dictator preserving peace in Europe. But we all knew what happened…

Only the courage of Sir Winston Churchill, who dared to stand up to Hitler, ensured Britain was not overran by the Nazis.

2. In 1989, the Chinese govt used military force to break up the student demonstration at TianAn Men and was subjected to condemnations ever since. 

But I really wonder… would China have become the powerhouse they are today if the soldiers did not step in? Would that incident had upset the stability and derailed the progress that the country was making? I am inclined to think it will…  

And as it is now, how many people even talk about the Incident except on it’s anniversary on June the 4th?

As a  leader of a country, one of the most important job is to ensure the stability of the nation and the lives of most of it’s citizens. If it takes some force to quash the trouble-makers, then so be it.

Soldiers are to protect the people, whether the enemies are from within or out.


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