A Magic Shop

2 weeks ago, I stumbled upon this magic shop in a popular IT mall in town. While the name of the shop has been around for quite a number of years, this particular shop is a newly opened one, and there are a few other branches around town.

It used to only sell magic and party props, but now they have jumped on the bandwagon of giving magic lessons. Personally, I have no problems with shops teaching magic, but the issue here is the standard of the teacher.

That day I went to the mall to meet my friend, and he smsed me to come up to the shop (he knew I’m interested in magic). By the time I reached, my friend had just bought himself a gimmicked deck (costing $35) and the demonstrator, a middle-aged uncle, was explaining to him on how to use it.

Honestly, it was quite unbearable for me to hear out the uncle’s confusing and boring monologue. In fact, it was so bad that I had to bring my friend down to MacDonald’s to explain to him again after the uncle had finished.

Anyway the owner (a local magician and ventriloquist), happened to frop by. Upon seeing me, he tried to sell me a “ring-linked-to-chain” trick for $20, saying that it was DIFFERENT from ALL the other versions out there, although I couldn’t really tell what was the big difference.

After seeing my disinterested face, he tried to sell me the deck my friend bought too, claiming that it could be used to win card games and proceeded to show me a gambling effect with it, plus a very, very poorly executed gambling sleight (which according to him, was an exclusive sleight known only to him. I guess he was right… considering that he was the only person I ever saw doing it so badly).

To cut the story short, I didn’t buy anything from him that day.

Eventually, I did went back on another day to get a Faded Out Deck (they are the only shop selling that). The uncle (not the owner) offered to demonstrate the effect for me. Co-incidentally, there were other customers in the shop at that time. A crowd was formed around us as he was demonstrating the effect.

Seriously, I had a high expectations for the uncle. I thought, even if  he couldn’t teach, at least he should be able to perform, but the patter was so corny and the crucial sleight he did so blatant that even the little girl beside me was left with a blank look, wondering where was the magic….

What is happening to the standard of magic here??

Magicians should not be made to look like a dummy…


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