A Tale of 2 Footballers

For a while, it seemed like a “mission-impossible” to match Cristiano Ronaldo’s 42 goal haul in the 07/08 season. But Wayne Rooney, 32 goals so far, looks set to match that record or perhaps, dare I say, break it? At the rate he is going and with more than 8 matches (EPL+Champions League) to go, who would dare bet against him?

Truth to be told, I was pretty worried when Ronaldo left. After all, he  single-handedly contributed to about a third of Manchester United’s goals for the past 3 seasons and with the further departure of Carlos Tevez, who is capable of  at least 15 goals, I had good reasons for my worries.

But Rooney has really stepped up and surpassed all expectations. Now it is left to see if he can emulate Ronaldo in the trophies department too, doing a Premier League and Champions League double as in 07/08, with a further possiblilty of adding the World Cup to his collection. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

 Rooney, a man on a mission to break records and set some of his own.


While Rooney and Co are doing pretty well at the moment, having just knocked AC Milan out of Champions League with a comprehensive 3-0 win (6-2 on aggregate) and sitting at the top of the EPL table, our old boy Ronaldo is having mixed fortunes at Bernabeu.

 Yes, he is still soaring and scoring, but his Real Madrid were knocked out of the second round of Champions League for the umpteen times. They might be currently joint top of La Liga along with Barcelona, it is just not good enough for a team that prided itself as THE club in European football.

I mean, after spending astronomical figures to snap up the best players in the world, one would expect them to advance at least to the semis’,  playing against clubs like United or Chelsea or Barcelona, and not bowing out at such a early stage to some unfancied French club.

I wonder is the Portugese Peacock regretting his decision to leave the Red Devils now? At least I know Fergie is not…

Ronaldo, still doing fine, but not his team.



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