A Story

A thief broke into an empty house and stole $10,000 of cash. But before he could get away, a neighbour woke up and caught him.

The houseowner came back. He recovered the money and thank the neighbour for his help. Being a gracious person, he decided not to call the police and let the thief go.

Now, the neighbour became very unhappy. He chided the houseowner for being so soft. He wanted the thief to pay for his crime. He wanted him to pay everyone in the neighbourhood $10,000 each.

Baffled by the neighbour demand, the houseowner asked why the thief needed to pay everyone when it was only his house that was broken into. The neighbour’s reason was because the break-in had affected the whole neighbourhood. Just how it was so, he didn’t elaborate.

The thief cried and begged for mercy. Even the houseowner pleaded on his behalf. But the neighbour wouldn’t bulge, saying the thief was just acting and not sincere in his pleas.

At this point, the houseowner fainted and the thief  shouted to the neighbour to “Get away!!”



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