Casting the Stone

Following the news of Jack Neo’s affair (or affairs) has since become a national obesession. Even some of my colleagues who previously never had the habit of reading newspaper, started to borrow my afternoon tabloid just to learn about the latest development of “JackNeoGate”.

Perhaps the reactions are to be expected. After all, it is not often to have scandals so close to home, and have it happening on someone so familiar and so well-loved by many Sinagporeans. As famous as Tiger Woods or John Terry may be, they are just 2 “ang mohs” (ok, Woods is not technically an ang moh, but being an American is close enough)  who are staying thousands of miles away in other continents.

But Jack Neo is different.

Many of my generation had grown up watching his Comedy Nights every Monday. We remembered his partnership with Moses Lim, we  remembered him cross-dressing as Liang Po Po or Liang Simei, and remembered many of the catchphrases he used in his skits, which has since become part of our everyday lingo. It is no exaggeration to say that he was like a family member who had accompanied us through our growing years.

But that is where I draw the line. The truth is, whatever we think we KNOW about him are just on-screen… we simply do not KNOW him!!  

I am amused by people who, just because seeing him on TV, actually think they had a personal relationship with him. Just look at some of the typical comments I found in the papers:

– “He doesn’t deserve forgiveness!!!”

– “I feel so cheated by him all these years. Now I know what a jerk he is!!”

– “His clean image is just for show. He really knows how to act!!”

– “What a hypocrite!! I would never watch his movies anymore!!”

And these 2 were after his news conference in the morning

– “He was not sincere in his apologies!!”

– “He think he could get away without explaining things clearly?!”

Do you see what I mean? Never mind if these people may have never met or spoken to him in person, but they were acting if it was a personal issue between them.

I mean, who are they, you , me or anyone else to be demanding an apology from him?  Why does he need to give anybody any answers? Since when have we been bestowed the authority of  a moral police? Besides his family, he does not owe the rest of the world anything!! He needs to answer to NO one!!! 

I would have been concerned if this thing happened to one of our govt leaders which could seriously compromise our country’s credibility. But for Christ’s sake, he is just a movie director whose movies doesn’t even make it past Singapore and Malaysia!!!

Lastly, just a few words on those women who “kindly” shared their stories, especially the second lady (whom I couldn’t even care to remember her name).

Firstly, no I do not believe for one moment that you are trying to do other young gals a “favour” by exposing Jack’s true colours. You would have done it long ago if that was the case.

Secondly, Jack Neo doesn’t need YOUR forgiveness, he only need his wife and his children’s. But you DO indeed need to apologize to his wife after plunging the knife deeper into her wounds. IMO, she is smart enough, and does not need you to show her what kind of husband she is married to.

Lastly, for those who do not think he deserve forgiveness, what do you suggest? Do we send him to jail for 20 years and give him 24 strokes of cane? Crucify him on the cross? Burn him alive on a stake? It is just so ridiculous when you stop and think about it.  

Just remind me of the story in the Bible where Jesus said, “Let those without sins cast the first stone,” and who can claimed to be one? 


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