More Than Words

I have gotten quite sick for hearing the terms “lao niu” (old cow) and “nen cao” (young grass). Let’s talk about something else…

Read an letter in the newspaper forum that day complaining about discrimination by an employer. All because that employer in question put an ad in the papers seeking to recruit “Filipinos only”.

I don’t know about you, but I thought if I am paying the salary, I should have some right in choosing whoever I wanted to do my work. But apparently, some people think that is tantamount to racism. Duh…?

And I learned from a friend that newspapers actually have official guidelines that prohibits certain phrases to be put in an recruitment ad. Eg: You can’t put “looking for Chinese” but you can put “looking for mandarin speaking personnel”.

Now, besides adding more revenue for the papers, I am not too sure how does it really help? If a employer has set his mind to employ a worker of certain nationality or sex, what can a few words do to change that fact? People who does not meet the criteria are still going to get rejected. As the Chinese saying goes, “Change the soup but not the ingredients.”

Another example of the absurdity of the “politically correct” society.


2. David Beckham, after 7 years, is finally making an emotional return to Old Trafford in tonight’s Champions League match, abeit in the colours of AC Milan.

The former No 7 is still one of my all time Man United favourites, having served with distinctions during his time at the club. For people who unfairly claimed that he is only good at crossing (and preening), they had almost certainly never really watched him play.

IMO, along with Scoles, he has one of the most accurate right foot in the world. Anyone who saw the way he hit those 30-40 yards passes or score a goal with a delicate chip or spectacular curler, would know how good he is.  And the fact that he is still playing top-level football with a top European club at 33 is a testament of his abilities.

But of course, at least for tonight, I do not wish the best on him.

Bend It Like Beckham


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