Magic Go Live

Walked past a magic shop in town last week. Out of curiosity and dying of boredom, I decided to go in and inquried about the magic courses they were advertising.  

To cut the story short, I was totally UNimpressed by the “master magician”. Not that he was particularly bad, but he wasn’t particularly good either, as least not as “masterful” as he marketed himself to be. Honestly, I tried my very best to watch his effects with the eyes of a layperson, but even that, his techniques were full of obvious flaws. 

And he certainly didn’t strike me as somebody who might be qualified to teach something like “seduction magic” (promises to get you the gals with magic).

But the real story wasn’t about what transpired in the shop, but after I stepped out of it.

A school boy (apparent from his smart white school uniform, and ankle length pants), “ambushed” me outside and asked me if I was going to take the courses. I replied no.

To cut the story short again, he told me it was not worth paying money to the shop to learn magic and advised me to get my magic education, free, from a certain video-sharing website on the internet. The funny thing was, I recognised him as one of the customers in the shop with me just now. (with customers like this, is it any wonder we are having global financial problems ?)

Out of curiosity, I asked him to show me some of the effects he picked up from the website.  He responded with a series of “flourishy” cuts, totally unrelated to any magic effect, assuming I would be suitably impressed by the display of dexterity and skill. I was not.

Determined for some magic, I requested again to see a magic effect. After a moment of hesitation, he proceeded to performed  series of “pick-a-card-n-I-will-find-it” tricks (peppered with fancy flourishes of course). After the third repetition, I was all ready to snatch the cards away from his hands and performed a card to face, but thank God, I managed to keep my murderous feeling in check.

It was no so much about his (lack of) technical skills, but rather the way he showed the tricks and his explanations that came along with it. Eg: After correctly picking out my chosen card, he went on to tell me how he “forced” it upon me. Apparently, not satisfied with sharing only that little piece of info, he continued with a mini- lecture on controls, lifts and forces that lasted for about 10 minutes

I almost fainted….  (remember, I was supposed to be a layperson).

This is what happen when you save that few dollars to learn from videos produced by people who couldn’t even perform a simple trick to save their lives.

Very sad.



Magic is performed to people… not to cameras.


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