Money Not Enough

There is a cliche made famous by Gu Long’s swordfighting novels, roughly translated as, “No sword is in the hands but the sword is in the mind.”

I used to cringe whenever I read those words or hear it being repeated in period dramas  (I still do). But as pretentious and moronic as it may sound, there is a very profound truth behind it .   

Just try to answer this very popular question: What would you do if you have $1 million?

If you, like most people (myself included), are thinking on how to SPEND the money, it just shows that wealth is NOT in your mind yet,  and it could be the reason that we are still struggling with money problems (but if the only problem you have with money is having too much of it, please drop me an email, I would be glad to help…).

The truth is: wealth truly begins in the mind.

Now I am certainly not referring to “The Secret” kind of  airy-fairy, esoteric nonsense. I am talking about seeing the money in our head first and knowing what to do with it in a way that creates more wealth. 

Eg: People with a wealth in their mind would not choose to SPEND the $1 million. Instead they would use the $1 million to GROW another million and probably much more. They may not have the money yet, but they are ready to use it when the money comes along.

Rich people are rich NOT just because they have many more zeroes behind their bank balance, but rather they have the knowledge and know-how to make use of the money they have in their possession to create more “zeroes”!!

I am still learning it myself…

Most of us can see money… but not the opportunities it provides.


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