The Ball is Round…

Wayne and United’s mighty men.

Manchester United has successfully retain the Carling Cup by beating Villa 2-1 in a pulsating final and who else better the score the winner fittingly other than the irrepressible Wayne Rooney?

A special mention for Michael Owen who had a good game and scored the first goal for United, but had to be taken off  after 40 min due to injury (again…).

Teary Terry

I couldn’t help but felt it was poetic justice that Chelsea should lose to Man Cityat Stamford Bridge. 

Not just because the result has helped United in the title race, it was really heartening for many people (including me) to see Wayne Bridge getting one over John Terry after all the things he has to endured.

Jose Mourinho

And I take utmost satisfaction to see Jose Mourinho returning to haunt Chelsea  ( and Roman Abramovich in particular) in the Champions League.

As The Special One himself said it well, ” Mourinho never loses at Stamford Bridge!!”

Now, when is he coming over to United?


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