Regardless of Race, Language or Religion

Make no mistake, I am all FOR religious and racial harmony. Like most people in Singapore,  I have friends of different religions, different races, different backgrounds, and even different sexual orientations.

I never have any problem getting along with them, or taking part in activities with them, but I never had the need to pretend I agree with them. I speak candidly about my personal belief in front of them and they totally respect it. That IS real harmony.

Of course,  I don’t mean we should just shoot our mouth off with no inhibitions. (like many netizens these days).  

But yet,  it also should not provide an excuse for people or groups with personal agendas to overreact and “act” up a big fuss (eg: reporting to the police) whenever they hear things that doesn’t sit well with them.

Imagine some Liverpool fans decide to report me to police just because I said I said Manchester United is a better team than Liverpool (which is true!!). As ridiculous as it may sound, this is happening in our society today.

As much as I hate Liverpool, I do not hate Liverpool fans… heck, I even play football with them!!


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