The Dark Side

Was reading a composition of a sec 4 student last week, and I must admit I was pretty disturbed by it. 

It was not about the grammar or the vocabulary, but rather the plot which involved a lesbian woman killing her female partner in a fit of jealousy.

Since when have our students started to write on subjects like lesbianism and crimes of passion (is it even allowed)? If this is the kind of stuff that is coming out from the brains of our new generation, I am indeed worried about the future.

Call me old-fashioned if you want, but I am convinced that there are certain subjects that should be out of the boundaries of  the minds of our youths, which as it is now, are perpetually being influenced by pop culture, the mass media and internet. 

Look, just this morning, the headlines of a local tabloid was about a scandalous videoclip of a former actress being circulated online. If not,  it would either on a violent crime committed or some sports star engaging in some sordid affairs. With stuff like that being fed to the youths everyday, is it any wonder that society problems are ever increasing? 

No doubt, media need to sell their stories, but at what price? I am sure many of those editors or journalists have children on their own. Can they really touch their hearts and say the things they publish are the things they would be happy to let their kids read?   I think even they know the answer to that…

Are we pushing our youths to the Dark side of life?


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