Final Lost



Finally it has come to this… the final season of my favourite drama series, Lost.

It is time to get all the answers for those questions that has been building up for the past 5 seaons. The Island… Jacob… The Smoke Monster… Richard Alpert… the Numbers… the time travelling… oh, I just can’t wait!!

I always feel that it is important to have a ending for every show without dragging it for too long. Especially a show with a definitive plot like Lost. As what most people said, “How long can you be “Lost”?” (but apparently, one can actually “Prison Break” for more than 3 seasons… hmm…)

Just hope that the writers would be able to tie up all the loose ends of a very complicated storyline they came up with.  

(By the way, looking at the poster, it is quite clear who are some of the familiar faces we’ll be seeing again.)


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