The White Crow

Despite all our technological advancements, I think it is fair to say there are things we can never know with 100% certainty.

Consider this statement: All crows are black.

Unless we are able to find all the crows in the world to confirm their “blackness”, we can never be sure that there isn’t a white crow flying around somewhere. And obviously, there is this still this little problem of ever knowing we have managed to get ALL the crows on planet earth  (don’t think anybody have ever done a worldwide census for the birds).  

Of course, that being said, there are reasonable inferences one can make.

Consider this one: I cannot prove all crows are black, but I have a 99% probability that the next crow I see would be black. 

It is more accurate than the first statement, for the fact that it acknowledged the 1% probability of me seeing a white crow or for the matter, a crow of any other color, on my next encounter with one. As unlikely as it might be, nobody could rule that out.  

That is why I always cringed whenever people sound so sure of themselves. Their confidence (or arrogance) stemmed from the misguided notion that the world is all that they have ever experienced with their senses. They simply cannot accept and comprehend the things that lies outside of their knowledge and experiences

Examples of statements from these people: “Miracles cannot happen.”/ “There is no God.” / “The origins of life is by evolution” etc….

Even as a Christian, I have to admit that I cannot prove beyond a shadow of doubt that my belief is the absolute TRUTH (though there is enough evidence for me to form a reasonable inference, but that is another story). For all I know, I could be wrong and I could still end up at the wrong side of afterlife.

I think humans should be a bit more humble in saying “I don’t know”, instead of thinking we have all the answers. We never do… (as proven by last year’s financial crisis)

At least this Crow is not black…


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