Poor Devils…

Just when I thought it would be a 2-horse race between Chelsea and Man U for the EPL title, the results over the weekend had thrown the race wide open for a 3rd team to come into the equation… Arsenal.

It was one of those rare occasions last night that I was rooting for Liverpool. I thought they might just “turn a corner” against the Gunners after welcoming Gerrad and Torres back into the team (even the ever-absent Aquilani). But instead of turning, they overturned… no thanks to Glen Johnson, who is fast accquiring the habit of putting the ball into his own net on a consistent basis.

While it effectively eliminated the Reds from this year’s title race ( nothing new here), it dawned on me that Arsenal is just 3 points away from Man U and with a game in hand. As if playing catchup with leader Chelsea (just 3 points, fortunately) is not tough enough, we still have to watch our backs for the young Gunners.

Seems like Fergie may need to open his purse for some summer shopping after all.

As much as I hate to admit it, Owen and Berbatov just don’t cut it, despite the occasional goals. We need someone like (gasp!) Ronaldo who can turn those tight games around with a moment of magic. Oh…. how we missed the Portugese Peacock…

Rooney has been excellent… but there is only so much he can do alone. 


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