Tiger In the Woods

2 years ago, it was Edison Chan. This year 2009, it is Tiger Woods who is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

While it wasn’t exactly unexpected of Edison to be embroiled in sex scandals (we were just surprised by the magnitude and the women involved), it is quite a revelation to most of us that the World No 1 golfer should have an issue with his zipper too.

So it goes to show that having a squeaky clean reputation might not be such a wonderful thing. I mean, nobody would have bat an eyelid if it was Cristiano Ronaldo caught cheating (we are used to it anyway),  but we are talking about Tiger “the goody-two-shoes” Woods here. Despite the claims that his sponsors are still behind him, I am sure their marketing execs are busily taking Wood’s face off their ads for the time being.

But I am not going to dwell on his misdeeds today, as they are already quite well-documented in the papers by now. It is the women I want to talk about here… 

Perhaps hardly surprising, ever since the news broke, more and more women are coming out from nowhere to “confess” their involvement with Woods . While many claimed to be in love with him and were obviously more-than-willing parties, they had no qualms about accepting huge cheques for their stories (assuming they are true). So much for love…

What further disgusted me is the fact that they actually had the cheek to talk about having sympathies for his wife and condemned him for his actions in which they were active participants. If that is not hypocrisy, I don’t know what is.  

I sincerely hope that Woods would bounce back from this episode. After all, who hasn’t made a mistake in life? While I am not condoning his actions (I wouldn’t dare), I do think it is a shame for the world to lose an amazing  talent because of this. Personal mistakes shouldn’t taint his achievements.

That being said, I hope it doesn’t happen to my favourite Roger Federer…

Definitely not a happy camper now.


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