Tricks of the Mind

Throughout the history of mankind, we humans have always been trying to overcome nature.

By the efforts of many great men, we did manage to do that… to a certain extent. Just look at the cars on the road, the planes in the air, the cellphones we are carrying and of course, the computer which you are using to read these words.

Of course, we celebrated all these technological advancements with pride, and rightfully so, but in the midst of the celebration,  we start to have delusions that we are like demi-gods, with the power to dominate the forces of nature. We fail to see the limitations of science, mathematics, philosophies, psychology or any branch of human studies that promise us “control” of the world around us.

Can we prevent a tsunami? Can we stop a volcanic eruption? Can we stop rain from pouring? Can we reverse the order of the seasons? Are we even able to tell what is going to happen to the world the next day, the next hour or next minute?….  I mean we are even fooled constantly by our very own instincts and emotions every single day, yet we dare say we have all the answers of the world. We are just not humble enough to admit  our fallibility.

No wonder the Bible tell us the foolishness of God is still wiser than the man’s wisdom. The human mind is just grossly overrated.  

“Use your blain… use your blain…” as PCK might put it.


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