True North

Why is a compass perpectually pointing towards North? It is, of course, to enable us to have a constant point of reference during navigation.

Imagine what would happen if the needle are pointing in random directions? Can we ever be sure of where we are heading?

Whenever people tell me they don’t need God to tell them the “right” way of  life, I know they mean they are living without a compass or rather they do not know their true north.

They might think they are already “living right”, but by whose benchmarks are they comparing against? How sure are they that they are correct in their assessment of themselves? 

I mean, in a world where values is too flexible and ever-changing, there is simply no “standard” from where we can know how things really should be.

Example: Is murder right? Even as straightforward a question this is, we can get differing answers to it. Paradoxically, if everyone is right, then everyone is wrong at the same time.

If there is no God, we can be sure of nothing. 



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