Word or Wallet

I am not a fan of Benny Hinn, but I’m not a Hinn basher either.

Despite the stories I’ve heard about him (most of them bad), I don’t know him well enough to judge him, and for all I know, God may really be using him to heal people.

Read a report that he is coming to Singapore to preach at a certain megachurch, and being the controversial figure he is, his visit ruffled a few feathers. Many of the netizens were not so much concerned with the man’s works but on how much money he is making and how he spent them.

Granted, a preacher flying on a private jet is a bit too extravagant (even for my standard), but if he is really doing God’s work, then I rather focus on the good he can do instead of his bank balance.

It says a lot about one’s heart when all one’s focus is solely on the money.



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