Look at his works, Not his wallet…

Just for the record, I am not a fan of Benny Hinn, but I’m not a Hinn basher either. Despite many of the unsavory stuff I’ve heard about him, I don’t know him well enough to judge him and for all I know, God may really be using him to heal people.

Anyway, just read a report that he is coming to Singapore to preach at a mega church, and being the controversial figure he is, his visit ruffled the feathers of some people. Looking at the report, the people (“netizens”) were not so much concerned with the man’s works or his words but instead, the focus was on how much money he made and how he spent it. 

Granted, flying on a private jet does sound a bit too extravagant for a preacher (even for my standard), but if he is, as what he claimed, really able to heal people with his gift from God, then I rather focus on the good he can do instead of his bank balance.  

It says so much about one’s heart when all they want to know is how much people is earning, instead of how much they are doing.


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