The Comeback!

After losing the 3 previous Grand Slam finals, Roger Federer finally won it in the US Open! Just look at the way he celebrated after the win, you would know how much it means to him.

This is Federer’s 5th consecutive US Open title and 13th overall Grand Slam title. He is now only 1 short of Sampras’ record of 14 and with age on his side, he has plenty of time ahead of him to smash that record.

To think that just weeks ago, the media is already writing him off as a has-been after he relinquished his no 1 spot to Rafael Nadal. But what a remarkable comeback by the Swiss ace to silence his doubters… once again!

In another comeback story of tennis, Serena Williams regained her World No 1 ranking after winning the US Open female singles. Granted, she may never make my list of favorite tennis ladies, but I respect the way she fought back to the top after a difficult few years. Of course, I would have preferred Sharapova to win…


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