All Shapes and Sizes

Gone are the days that magicians wore tailcoats, top hats (which usually contained a rabbit) and wield stupid wands. Let’s take a look how they are now…

This is the guy who started the whole “street magic” thingy. Simply dressed in T-shirts, jeans and wore a perpetual montonous expression. 

Criss Angel, the most infamous TV magician after Blaine. Plenty of makeup, mascara and accessories… but if it gets him Cameron Diaz, guess it’s worth the effort.

Sorry guys… not all magicians can be blessed with great looks and sculptured bodies, not even when you are a world champion. The elderly gentleman above is Lennart Green, a FISM (sort of a magic Olympic) champion.

One of the legendary card artists, Jeff McBride who can easily pass off as Gene Simmons.

Dai Vernon, the father of close-up magic. Suave and cool… even for today’s standards.

The sophisticated and educated look by Derren Brown, the style I like most. Too bad… he is gay.


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