Still the 1… World No 1!!

Ok, my favourite tennis player Roger Federer did not win his 6th consecutive Wimbledon, losing to Rafael Nadal in an epic match which lasted for hours. Unsuprisingly, the critics had a field day gloating over the “downfall” of the world no 1.

But as I always maintained, and I would say this again… Never, never write off a champion. I mean, look, this is the guy who has won 12 grand slam titles, numerous Masters titles, stayed as No 1 for a record of 232 weeks (there are only 52 weeks in a year… you go figure) and you think he is finished just after a few defeats? (remember they said the same thing about Tiger Woods a few years ago when he changed his swing… look where he is STILL at now? Yes, you guessed it… NO 1!!)

I have no doubt that Federer will bounce back soon enough to win more titles and set more records and yes.. I will pray for him, after all, he has been a source of inspiration to me.


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